What’s wrong with Onions and Bread?

Look at what I found saved on an old email account… These people (selling "wolf" puppies on Craigslist like 6 years ago) came up with these wild "wolf facts" all on their own and it left me in tears when I read it BC wtf is a neck pouch? And seriously, the ONLY food they can't eat…onions and bread? But why those two things? "Punish by sending to a corner" Lmao I hope someone else also gets a kick out of this madness. What is wrong with these people?!

CANINE FACTS 1. Food & water must be left out at all times after 3wks. old. They fill their pouch under their neck and eat from that. 2. Don't place anything tight around neck or choker chain. It will damage their pouch and kill them. 3. No chicken bones unless cooked 24 hrs. Chicken bones will splinter and stick in pouch and kill them. NO rawhide chews or toys. Rawhide breaks sharp and will stick in pouch and kill them. 4. Teach to lead by using a retractable leash and soft muscling it. 5. You can feed any food except onions, and bread. Onions and Bread can only be eaten after they are about 6 months old or it can kill them. 6. Don't give Rabbis shots till one yr. old and only the dead vac. then. 7. If get sick or hurt make sure the vet only gives them ½ dose of antibotics of what a dog that size would use. More can kill them. 8. There is a gland on their tail, so do not cut tail or shave tail. 10. Can't fix till one yr. old their mind will not develop right. Should not fix at all as they grow until they are 5 years old. 11. Their dew claw is their thumb so be careful with it, has a bone in it. Do not remove the dew claw. 12. Wolves Love to play in water. Tx. is hot so keep inside most of the time. 13. They will molt once a yr. like a sheep, be careful not to peel this off, brush lightly. 14. At 5 yrs. old have the mind of a 9 to 10 yr. old child. 15. Never never hit one. Punish by sending them to a corner and not paying the any attention. First show them what they did wrong, then corner, when let out love on them. 2 or 3 times of this and they will learn. 16. Never feed raw meat. Best to cook or boil raw meat and bones for at least 2 minutes to kill the blood taste. Feeding raw meat brings out their wild nature. 17. Family – pack oriented so will protect learn to listen and watch them. They will tell you when someone or something is not right. Even a friend. 18. If not loved on enough or left alone for long periods of time will throw a temper tantrum Just to get attention. Will usually chew or tear up something belonging to the person they are upset with. Also if they get jealous they will do the same. 19. If one member has to be gone for a few days that person need to explain that to the baby, if not they become up set. 20. Will learn to mimic words and know when to use them. 21. Will learn to undo locks and open doors or knock on them. 22. Walk them around their outside boundaries a few time telling them not to cross. They will learn. 23. Love to dig. So it is best for you with baby to dig a den together. 24.Don't let anyone that is not family feed them because they are to loveable and will take from people sometimes. 25. Gets along go with other animals and children, usually tries to baby them and lick them. 26. Don't ever yell at or spank children in front of them. They will try to protect the child from you. And may try to make a stranger leave if child cries. 27. When playing rough with someone make sure to include the baby or baby will think the other person is trying to hurt you and will try to hurt the other person. 28. Best way to bond is chew up food an give it to them. Once bonded to family will not leave family, will protect, and if left may starve themselves to death. 29. Males with try to be the alpha usually one time around 3 to 4 mos. old. Usually by growling a few time. Once he does this do not laugh. Make him lay down on the ground roll over and whine. Must make him whine. Once he submits then he will not try again. Do this by scolding in a very sharp tone and stern face. 30. A male may try to mark when he does the first time do the same as # 29. After showing him and putting his nose in it. He may try a 2nd time just to be stubborn put his nose in it and then corner, 31. They mouth a lot, but don’t bit. They mouthing is their way of bonding and showing love as well as is their standing up on a person. Don't try to break them from mouthing as this ruins their character.

THESE FACT ARE IN CONCURANCE WITH THE BILL OF SALE AND HOLD THE SAME PENTITALYS AS STATED ON THE BILL OF SALE. i have read and agree to these terms of facts and sale. _____________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________ Buyer's Signature Name, Address, Phone

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