Embark accuracy issues? Or “Genes not inherited?”

Hey guys, I happened to come across this video about Tamaskan Wolfdogs. Around the 5:25 mark in the video, she mentions the DNA results of her Tamaskan, along with 2 others from the same litter. One came out as 13.9%, one at 15.3%, and hers at 0%. She mentions that hers "Did not inherit the wolf gene, despite her brothers inheriting it." Although they didn't say, the result graphics they displayed definitely came from Embark.

I've always wondered if this was possible. While I have a good understanding of physics and chemistry, I am definitely no expert when it comes to biology. So, after seeing this video, I got a bit curious. Do you think this is actually a case of littermates inheriting more or less of different genes. Or possibly an accuracy issue with Embark? Has anyone ever tested littermates and had different results? What about testing the same dog twice?

For those who've seen my pup, she tested at 13.8% Wolf, but she is mostly German Shepherd. I know someone who has another pup from the same litter, and instead of them spending the money on the test. I just told them my dogs results and assumed theirs would test about the same. However, their dog looks pretty much like a pure bred German Shepherd. Mine looks a lot like her DNA results stated. Mostly GSD, but definitely with a few wolfy traits, as well as some slight malamute traits.

I love my pup more than anything, and the numbers mean nothing to me personally. A coworker had an accidental litter and gave her to me for free. Plus, I live in a state where wolfdogs are technically illegal, so I definitely don't go around bragging about it or advertising it, so I hope no one gets the vibe that I am dissatisfied with the results of my dog or anything like that. This is purely just curiosity.

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