Native Species vs. Non-Native Species.

If acceptable to ask: I'm doing a research paper on wolves on their importance of the ecosystem, my mom suggested to try to narrow topics down to two species of wolves, the ones that have reported to have positively influenced the ecosystem ( commonly was the grey wolf ) — which would be pro section — and those who don't — being the con section — so far I have the Canadian timber / grey wolves ( or northwestern wolf ) with not much to go on other than they were illegally reintroduced and due to their size, presumably individual wise and pack wise, were liable to taking down more large herds to sustain themselves, and were more aggressive, nothing much was noted in how they impact the environment the same way native wolves do & how they don't, another was Mexican wolves in how they were reintroduced in Yellowstone, however did not elaborate in how they impacted the environment, only that was said from the source that introducing non-native species has an unknown outcome.

Insight and sources are appreciated.

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