You Know What I’d Love to See?

I’d love to see one video game, just ONE, where wolves are NOT portrayed as bloodthirsty killers. I love wolves, they’re my favorite wild dog, and it is annoying to see that apparently all video game devs get the impression that they will always attack a human without any provocation, which couldn’t possibly be further from the truth

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Is this a wolf or dog skull?

Is this a wolf or dog skull?

When we found this skull we supposed it was from a stray dog. However, some weeks later we went into that same forest to spend the night in a tent. Late in the evening, after going to bed, a pack of wolves started howling very close to us. No possibility of confusion about that. Now we wonder if the skull might also be from a wolf.

It’s a several square mile big piece of forest in Western Hungary. No houses and no paved roads. A lot of deer and wild boars. However, no officially known wolf population.

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